Thermal performance of novel indirect passive solar dryer

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Manar Al-Jethelah
Hussan Deyab
Tadahmun Yaseen

Keywords : solar dryer, passive, flat collector, efficiency
An experimental investigation was conducted to study the performance of a novel indirect type free convection solar dryer. The novel and a conventional indirect passive solar dryer were built. Solar irradiation and temperature of different locations were recorded. The air at the drying chamber entrance, lower space, and upper space temperatures besides the thermal efficiency of the novel dryer were 68, 39, 49 and 85%, respectively, higher than the conventional one.

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Al-Jethelah, M., Deyab, H., & Yaseen, T. (2021). Thermal performance of novel indirect passive solar dryer. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences (SREES), 30(2), 293–303.

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