Verification of strength resistance of sandy soil using small scale penetrometer tests

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Hiba D. Saleem
Asad H. Aldefae
Wissam H. Humaish

Keywords : cone penetration, tip resistance, sleeve resistance, relative density, angle of internal friction
This study focuses on utilizing cone penetrometer models to determine strength (resistance) of sandy soil and also assessment how the relative density and the angle of friction effects on the measured cone penetration resistance in sandy soil. Simple empirical equations are used also to determine the cone penetration resistance components such as the sleeve resistance and the tip resistance. Simple comparison is performed between the measured and calculated soil strength and well agreement is noticed between them.

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Saleem, H. D., Aldefae, A. H., & Humaish, W. H. (2021). Verification of strength resistance of sandy soil using small scale penetrometer tests. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences (SREES), 30(2), 304–314.

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