An enhanced krill herd optimization technique used for classification problem

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Firaz N. Al-Mashhadani
Qusay S. Alsaffar
Ibrahim A. Al-Jadir

Keywords : optimization, simulated annealing, standard krill herd
In this paper, this method is intended to improve the optimization of the classification problem in machine learning. The EKH as a global search optimization method, it allocates the best representation of the solution (krill individual) whereas it uses the simulated annealing (SA) to modify the generated krill individuals (each individual represents a set of bits). The test results showed that the KH outperformed other methods using the external and internal evaluation measures.

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Al-Mashhadani, F. N., Alsaffar, Q. S., & Al-Jadir, I. A. (2021). An enhanced krill herd optimization technique used for classification problem. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences (SREES), 30(2), 354–364.

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