On the damping intensity of the odd Fourier impulse loading the boundary of the periodic composite

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D. Kula

Keywords : heat transfer, Fourier series, tolerance averaging, micro-macro hypothesis, surface localization, effective conductivity

Investigated in the paper boundary effect behaviour for a single odd amplitude which loads rectangular boundary of the two-phased periodic composite layer confirms the common view through the prism of the expected strong suppression of the boundary impulses of the physical field near the boundary of the region occupied by the composite. There is no presence of a composite reaction to the boundary loadings mentioned here different than the exponential damping effect. However, the presence in the general equation describing the boundary effect equations the component 2?ssurf pqz?q with the first space derivative responsible for suppression of the solution along the axis Oz should cause not only exponential type of boundary temperature fluctuation damping. This component disappears in principle for the boundary effect analysed for a single impulse.

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Kula, D. (2019). On the damping intensity of the odd Fourier impulse loading the boundary of the periodic composite. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Studies (SREES), 28(3), 321–331. https://doi.org/10.22630/PNIKS.2019.28.3.30

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