Calculation of the strength of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with composite materials

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Oleksandr BORYSIUK

Keywords : reinforced concrete beam, testing of strength, composite materials, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP)

Currently, in view of the previous theoretical and experimental researches, the regulatory documents for the calculation of reinforced concrete elements strengthened by composite materials and the calculation and design of fiber reinforced concrete structures are in force in Ukraine and in the world. Simultaneous strengthening of the compressed and tensile zones has not been sufficiently studied. Therefore, further research of reinforced concrete elements, strengthened by modern and highly efficient materials, such as steel fiber concrete and composite materials, is of great theoretical and practical importance. The urgency of the study is due to the obvious need to improve the method of calculation of the reinforced concrete bending elements after simultaneously strengthening compressed and tensile zones.

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BORYSIUK, O., & TRACH, R. (2023). Calculation of the strength of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with composite materials. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences (SREES), 32(1), 53–68.

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